Are you ready to develop a more peaceful relationship with your mind and body?

Learn how to change the way you view your body, as we move towards acceptance, forgiveness and ultimately kindness. Through a series of short videos, I share with you all of the changes I made along my self acceptance journey, as we bust open myths and formulate new, guilt free understandings together. Not only will the Mirror Movement support you while you're here, but you will stay supported via our Facebook Group. You'll have ongoing support every step of the way! Are you ready?

Each topic consists of a video and practices that can be applied to your life immediately.

There's no better time than now to do something life changing for yourself.

  • What is covered during this course?

    Here are just a few of the topics covered during this course: We will unpack our prior beliefs about food and our bodies, cleaning the slate to take on a new narrative. We will explore diets as we look at will power and why diets always fail. We will delve into our self talk, and explore mindful eating and how to deal with sabotage, as we learn how to become positive mirror models for our children.

  • Course Cost

    Complete Mirror Movement for Mums Love Yourself First for a one off price of $79.95. PLUS for a limited time, I will also send you an E-copy of my book 'Mirror Mirror On My Wall'!

Social proof: testimonials

“Amanda is engaging and the videos were incredibly helpful. It was great having things I could use straight away, especially when it came to talking about food with my family. This program really helped me shift my mindset around the way I saw my body. ”

“Mirror Movement's Love Yourself First is a fundamental program to show Mums how to display kindness to ourselves foremost, so that we can role model a healthy relationship with our own body to our children. ”

Are you ready to create a more peaceful relationship with your mind and body??

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