Are you ready to develop a new relationship with food and your body? Are you ready to unlearn the body dissatisfaction that diet culture so readily promotes?

Here are some truths: 77% of girls think they're fat. In one study, 46% of women expressed negative body image because their mothers did. Alarmingly, 5 to 8-year-olds who think their mothers are unhappy with their bodies are more likely to feel dissatisfied with their own bodies. The sad reality is, one in 4 children have engaged in some type of dieting behaviour by age 7. Were you one of those girls? We can't change the past, but we can absolutely create a new future!


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¡Primero Ámate a ti misma! ¿sientes que luchas contra tu cuerpo? ¿te gustaría tener una mejor relación con la comida? Este curso “Quiérete primero” te ayudará con las herramientas y el apoyo que necesitas para reconciliarte con tu cuerpo y con la comida. Aprende cómo cambiar la forma de ver tu cuerpo a medida que te acercas a la aceptación, el perdón y la autocompasión. A través de sencillos y cortos videos, compartiré contigo los cambios que he hecho a través de mi camino, aclararemos algunos mitos y plantearemos nuevas formas de pensamiento que nos ayudarán en el proceso de salir de la culpa. La academia Posi Body te acompañará durante el proceso, podrás participar en un grupo cerrado de Facebook, a medida que necesites ayuda estaremos dispuestas a apoyarte. El curso se divide en 16 lecciones y cada una tiene un videos (subtitulados en español) y textos que también en español. ¿Cuáles son los principales temas que se tocan en el curso? • Hablaremos de la narrativa de la cultura de la cual formamos parte y cómo este discurso ha afectado la creencia que tenemos sobre nuestro cuerpo y sobre la comida. • Hablaremos de las dietas y de la fuerza de voluntad y porqué las dietas fallan • Nos adentraremos a explicar nuestra propia conciencia y abordaremos la alternativa de Mindful eating (Alimentación consciente) • Aprenderemos a ser un modelo positivo para nuestros hijos ¿Lista para empezar tu camino?

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About Me

I am an Educator, Author, Counsellor and Mother, with over 15 years experience working both in the Education and Healthcare Systems. Growing up, my mum was always on a diet. You name it, she'd tried it! As I grew up, I developed my own unhealthy relationship with food and my body. It wasn't until my own Low Carb/High Fat diet began impacting my then 6-year-old daughter, as she refused her pasta because I wouldn't eat it, picking the topping off her pizza and leaving the base like I was doing, that I realised something needed to change.

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About Me

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I believe together, we can change the future, one mother at a time, one daughter at a time

“Amanda writes with so much simplicity and honesty. I highly recommend Amanda's book to help you guide the young girls in your lives to develop a love for their body shape and a healthy relationship with food.”

A ColvinA Colvin

“I absolutely loved this book and think it's a must read for any parent. I learnt so much about how I speak about my body effects my children. I also learnt some important lessons and tips about ditching diets and simply adopting a healthy lifestyle. A great read!”

Rachelle- The Mummy CodeRachelle- The Mummy Code

“"Book finished and without a doubt it spoke directly to my heart. I cried, I resonated, I laughed and I realised I need to get my girls back the mum they deserve, not only for what they deserve, but for what I deserve too. Thank you with all my heart for your strength to write this phenomenal book."”